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Child Custody Surveillance

Child Custody Surveillance After a separation, one of the hardest adjustments for a parent to make is being separated from a child for days at a time.  Either before or after a divorce, we can give you insight into your child's life with your ex.   Whether you are seeking evidence for a custody hearing or just want peace of mind, our investigators can provide you with child custody video and a written report detailing what we observed.  Our services are completely legal, and your … [Read more...]

Consultations are Always Free.

Your Private Investigation Consultation is Always Free. Call today. 270-559-3868   … [Read more...]

Rural Surveillance in Kentucky and Tennessee

Rural Surveillance in Kentucky and Tennessee Yes, we have worked there!   Our private investigators understand rural areas.  You could say rural settings are our specialty.  KTMI’s private detectives understand the people, the connections, the small town networks.  And we consistently, reliably get results for our investigative clients in the rural communities of Western Kentucky and Western Tennessee.   From Elkton, Kentucky, to Dover, Tennessee, and from Fulton, Kentucky, to … [Read more...]

Your Privacy Matters.

Your Privacy Matters. If you need a private investigator in Kentucky or Tennessee, chances are you are looking for information or answers that require discretion.   We have been leaders in the professional private investigation field since 1996.  Our investigators value your privacy and will ALWAYS use discretion and professionalism when handling the details of your case.   Call today to talk with our lead investigator.  Your consultation is … [Read more...]

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