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In Cadiz, Kentucky, there is only one choice for experienced, professional private investigators.  KTMI, Incorporated has been serving Cadiz and Trigg County since 1996.  Other private investigators come and go, but we are industry leaders who have stood the test of time.  If you need a private investigator, choose the most experienced firm in Western Kentucky with full-time, tenacious, licensed, insured professional detectives.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Cadiz, Kentucky?

When our private investigators get a call from Cadiz, it’s usually from someone who needs answers.  And we are in the business of providing answers so that our clients can make informed decisions.  Many of our cases in Cadiz come from spouses who want to know if their spouse is being unfaithful.  If you are suspicious that your spouse may be cheating, give us call.  We routinely follow spouses suspected of infidelity in Cadiz and Trigg County.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and your case will be handled with complete discretion.  When our private investigators follow a cheating spouse in Cadiz, we use traditional surveillance methods, taking video and/or still photos as well as providing clients with a written report detailing all observed activity.  We also offer GPS tracking technology.  Suspicion alone can damage a marriage.  We recently followed a spouse that was suspected of cheating, and it turns out that he was not being unfaithful.  Get peace of mind by getting the information you need to make informed decisions.

Our private investigators also travel to Cadiz and Trigg County to work on child custody investigations.  Our private investigator firm is based in Eddyville, and Trigg County is in our backyard.  Our investigators are local and know the area, giving you an advantage in your child custody case.  We have worked for parents and grandparents in Cadiz who want to know how their children are being treated when they are not able to be with them.  If you are curious or suspicious or need information for a divorce or child custody hearing, we can give you the answers you need.  The privacy of you and your children are of the utmost importance to our investigators.  We are discreet, and we adhere to a strict code of ethics.  Our investigations are 100% legal, and we will testify, if needed, at your child custody hearing.

For our corporate clients in Cadiz, our investigators offer professional process serving, criminal and financial background checks, and investigations into employee waste, fraud, and abuse.  If you have an employee you think is abusing the system, our surveillance and investigations can give you answers.  Our corporate clients routinely call us to follow employees suspected of FMLA abuse.  We are the surveillance experts of Western Kentucky and Trigg County, and our expertise can save you money if your employees are abusing FMLA or faking a workers compensation claim.

For our attorney clients in Cadiz and Trigg County, we offer professional process serving, criminal defense assistance, and witness interviews.  If you have a case involving multiple witnesses, our investigators can help.  We have years of experience conducting professional interviews, and we provide our clients with high quality digital output of all recordings.  Our investigators are trained in professional interview techniques, and frankly, we are good at what we do.  We can save you time and money by conducting professional interviews for you and your clients in Cadiz.

In Cadiz, Kentucky, we are the best in the private investigator industry.  We are local, we are experienced, we are professional, and we are discreet.  You can count on the experience of KTMI, Inc. Private Investigations to give you the answers you need.  When you call, you will talk with our lead investigator about your case, and your consultation is free.  We are easy to talk with.

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