Calvert City’s Name to Trust in Private Investigations

Do you need a private investigator in Calvert City, Kentucky?  Marshall County is in our backyard!  You can trust the professional private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated to be professional, discreet, and tenacious.  Other private investigation firms come and go, but our investigators have been based in Western Kentucky since 1996.  You will not find a more experienced professional private investigator in Calvert City, Kentucky.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Calvert City, Kentucky?

Our Calvert City, Kentucky, clients generally have questions when they call a private investigator.  One of the most common questions we hear comes from clients wondering if their spouse is cheating.  Just the suspicion of cheating is enough to introduce problems in a marriage.  It is much better to go forward with finding answers than to be left wondering.  We are well-versed and experienced in handling infidelity surveillance in Calvert City, Kentucky, and Marshall County.  Our investigators value your privacy and pledge discretion and professionalism in dealing with your case.  Our private investigators are licensed and insured full-time detectives.  Providing answers to clients like you is all we do.  For your case in Calvert City, our investigators will use traditional video surveillance methods, and we also have a variety of specialty hidden cameras we can use to find answers for you. A GPS tracking device may also be used for your infidelity case in Calvert City.

We also get calls from clients in Calvert City, Kentucky, who want information on child custody investigations.  KTMI’s professional private investigators have been working child custody surveillance cases in Kentucky since 1996.  We work side-by-side with attorneys gathering information for child custody hearings.  We also work with parents and have even worked with many grandparents looking for answers about how their children are being treated when they cannot be there with them.  When our private investigators work child custody investigations in Calvert City, the privacy of our clients and their children is always at the forefront of the investigation.  Our child custody investigations are 100% legal and admissible to court.  If you worry about your children when they are in the custody of your ex, stop wondering and get answers to your questions.  We are licensed, full-time, professional investigators you can trust with your child custody case in Marshall County.

From our corporate clients in Calvert City, we get calls requesting surveillance on suspicious employees.  We routinely conduct surveillance on employees suspected of FMLA abuse, work comp fraud, and insurance fraud.  We work with human resources departments all over Western Kentucky to give them answers to their questions about employees suspected of abusing the system.  Just recently we followed an employee as she left work in the middle of her shift, claiming FMLA leave to care for her sick mother.  Instead, she visited her boyfriend for the remainder of the evening.  We work dozens of similar cases each year.  Don’t be left wondering.  Get the answers you need to make informed decisions about your employees.

Call today to discuss your case in Calvert City, Kentucky with our lead private investigator.  Your consultation is free.  We are easy to reach and easy to talk with.  Use our secure contact form or call 270-559-3868

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