Dawson Springs, Kentucky Private Investigator

People in Dawson Springs, KY, look to KTMI, Incorporated when they need a Kentucky private investigator.  Our private investigators routinely go to Hopkins County for cases such as infidelity surveillance, child custody investigations, and insurance investigations.  We are leaders in the private investigation industry, serving Dawson Springs and Hopkins County since 1996.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Dawson Springs, KY?

The professional private investigators of KTMI, Inc. are experts in providing answers to questions.  When we get calls from Dawson Springs, we usually hear questions like:

  • Is my husband cheating on me?
  • Is my wife being unfaithful?
  • Can you help me find my relative?
  • Can you help me find out where my teen really goes at night?

Our professional Kentucky private investigators can answer these questions and more for Dawson Springs residents.

If you live in Hopkins County and you wonder if your spouse may be cheating, then you are in the right place.  We are the most experienced infidelity investigators serving Dawson Springs.  Our private investigators are licensed, insured, full-time professionals who spend all day, every day, providing answers to questions like yours.  We are the top surveillance experts in Western Kentucky, leading the industry for over 18 years.  We will use traditional video surveillance to give you date and time-stamped video showing where your spouse goes when he or she is not with you.  Depending on the details of your case, we may also use GPS tracking technology or specialty covert cameras to gather information about your spouse.  Did you know that just the suspicion of cheating is enough to introduce problems into a marriage?  Stop wondering and call today to start getting answers.

For our clients in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, the private investigators of KTMI, Inc. can also locate missing people.  You may need to locate someone for any number of reasons–landlords need to find tenants who have skipped town;  veterans may want to locate an old military buddy;  you may want to find an old classmate or an old flame.  We can help with that.  Our investigators subscribe to a network powerful databases that may help you find who you are looking for.

We can also help keep you informed about your children.  The two types of cases we normally work in Dawson Springs involving children are 1) child custody surveillance, and 2) teen GPS tracking.  If you need information for a child custody battle, either before or after a divorce or separation, our private investigators can help you.  We have years of experience with child custody investigations, and we can help you gather the information you need to build your case.  The privacy of you and your child are of the utmost concern to our investigators.  We are licensed professionals, and our services are 100% legal and admissible into court.  For your older children, you may have questions about their whereabouts–are they telling you the truth about where they go on the weekends?  If your name is on the vehicle, we can lease you a GPS tracker that will tell you exactly where the teen’s vehicle was at a given moment.

As a full-service P.I. firm, we offer other services in Dawson Springs, including professional interviews, witness locates, professional process serving, insurance fraud surveillance, work comp fraud investigations, and FMLA abuse investigations.

If you think you need a private investigator in Dawson Springs, Kentucky, give us a call today.  You will talk with our most experienced investigator personally, and your consultation is free.  Contact a Kentucky private investigator using our secure contact form, or call.  270-559-3868


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