Dover, Tennessee’s Top Private Investigator

When residents of Dover, Tennessee, need a private investigator, they call us.  That’s because the professional private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated are the top P.I. firm serving Northwest Tennessee.  KTMI’s private detectives are licensed, insured professionals who have been in the P.I. business since 1996.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Dover, Tennessee?

When Dover residents call our private investigators, they are usually looking for answers to questions like:

  • Is my spouse being unfaithful?
  • Is my child being neglected when she’s with my ex?
  • Where does my teen really go on a Friday night?

The professional private investigators of KTMI have helped numerous clients find answers to questions like these and more.  Finding answers to our clients’ questions is what we do all day, every day.

Investigating Cheating Spouses in Dover, Tennessee

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating?  Did you know that suspicions alone can introduce problems into a marriage?  It is much better to get answers to your questions than to go on wondering.  We are the top infidelity surveillance experts in West Tennessee.  From our years of experience, we know discretion and confidentiality are a top concern for our clients.  Your privacy is important to us, and your case will be handled confidentially by licensed professionals.  For our Dover clients, we offer traditional video surveillance as well as GPS tracking tools to help you find out where your spouse goes when he or she is not with you.  We also offer a variety of special hidden cameras that can be installed in your home so that you can see what happens when you are away.

Child Custody Investigations in Dover, Tennessee

People in Dover also call us for assistance with child custody investigations.  We routinely work with attorneys to gather information for child custody hearings.  But we also work with parents and grandparents who just want to know how their child is being treated when they are in the custody of an ex.  We can give you answers to your questions with video surveillance of your child.  Our services are 100% legal and admissible in court.  We can even testify at your child custody hearing.  The privacy of you and your child is a top concern for us.  We are licensed, insured, full-time professionals.  Dover residents can count on our private investigators to be discreet, and your case will be handled in complete confidence.

 GPS Teen Tracking in Dover, Tennessee

Another service we offer our Dover clients is GPS tracking devices for vehicles.  As long as your name is on the title of the vehicle, we can lease a device to you that will show you where your car is at a specific time–helping you know if you can trust your teen to tell you the truth.  If you suspect you’re being misled, we can give you answers.

Full Service Private Investigations in Dover, Tennessee

In the Dover, Tennessee and Stewart County markets, the private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated also offer professional process serving, witness locates and interviews, work comp and FMLA fraud investigations, and professional interviews.  Also, if you need to find someone, we specialize in locating missing people.

Call today for more information.  You will talk with our most experienced private investigator personally when you call.  Or you can use our easy, secure contact form.  Your consultation is free–call with no risk.  270-559-3868.

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