Mount Vernon, Indiana’s Most Trusted Private Investigator

When people in Mount Vernon, Indiana, need a private investigator, they call the professionals of KTMI, Incorporated.  Licensed in both Kentucky and Indiana, our investigators have you covered on both sides of the river.  In Mount Vernon and Posey County, the private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated are known for their tenacity, professionalism, and results.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Mount Vernon, Indiana?

Chances are, if you live in Mount Vernon, Indiana, and you are wondering about hiring a private investigator, then you are looking for answers to questions.  Perhaps you have a domestic situation–are you concerned your spouse may be cheating?  Or do you need help with a child custody case?  We have over twenty years of private investigation surveillance experience, and we can help you find out the answers to your questions.  We have helped other Mount Vernon residents with their investigative needs, too.  Did you know that even the suspicion of infidelity can introduce problems in a marriage?  When we work an infidelity investigation, our private investigators combine traditional surveillance techniques with GPS tracking technology and covert specialty cameras to give you access to information.  And that information can help you make informed decisions.

We also handle all types of insurance fraud and work comp fraud cases for Southern Indiana clients.  For Mount Vernon attorneys, we provide professional interview services, professional process serving, and witness locates.   Are you looking for someone in Mount Vernon, Indiana?  Give our private investigators a call.  We have access to powerful information databases, and finding someone costs less than you might think.

Let the professional private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated help you find the answers you are looking for.  Information is powerful.  We can help you make informed decisions.  We value your privacy, and your consultation is confidential and 100% free.

To reach an experienced, professional private investigator about your case in Mount Vernon, Indiana, use our secure contact form or call today.  270-559-3868

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