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When residents of Newburgh, Indiana, need a private investigator, KTMI, Incorporated is who they call.  Our detectives are licensed in both Indiana and Kentucky, meaning we can handle your case no matter which side of the river it leads to.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Newburgh, Indiana?

When residents of Newburgh, Indiana, need a private investigator, they turn to us.  We routinely help people from Newburgh with their investigative needs–from infidelity cases to child custody investigations to work comp and insurance fraud investigations.  KTMI, Incorporated is a full-service investigative firm based in Western Kentucky and serving Southern Indiana.  We are leaders in the P.I. industry, with professional, licensed investigators who value your privacy.

When our P.I.s field calls from Newburgh, Indiana, we usually answer questions like:

  • Can you follow my spouse and tell me if he’s cheating?
  • Can you track my teen’s car with GPS technology?
  • Will you film my ex with my kids for my child custody hearing?

KTMI’s licensed, professional private investigators handle cases like these, as well as process serving, FMLA abuse investigations, and insurance fraud cases for clients in Newburgh.

Do You Suspect Your Spouse is Cheating in Newburgh, Indiana?

We can help you find the answers you need.  Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and your infidelity case will be handled with total discretion.  Did you know that even the suspicion of cheating can introduce problems into a marriage?  Find out the truth so that you can make informed decisions.  Our private investigators will employ traditional video surveillance techniques to let you know where your partner goes when he or she is not with you.  In some cases, we can also use GPS tracking tools to give you updates on where your spouse is at a given moment.  Our private investigators have helped other Newburgh, Indiana, residents with their infidelity cases.  Let us help you find peace of mind, too.

Child Custody Investigations in Newburgh, Indiana

Our investigators also receive calls from people in Newburgh asking for help with child custody cases.  The licensed P.I.s of KTMI, Incorporated have handled numerous child custody investigations for parents and grandparents in the Warrick County area.  Our services are 100% legal and admissible in court hearings, and the safety and privacy of your children is always a main concern during the course of an investigation.  If you want to know what your ex-spouse does with your child when you are not there, call us.  We can give you answers so that you can make informed decisions.

Other P.I. Services for Newburgh, Indiana

For our legal clients in Newburgh, we handle criminal defense cases, professional interviews, professional process serving, and locating missing people.  Our investigators also specialize in insurance fraud investigations and work comp fraud investigations.

Call today to speak with our lead private investigator about your case in Newburgh, Indiana.  Consultations are always free, and we are easy to reach.  Use our secure contact form or call.  270-559-3868

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