Paducah, Kentucky Private Investigator

We are the private investigative firm more people are seeking out in Paducah, Kentucky, and McCracken County, and for good reason.  We are the most experienced P.I.s in Western Kentucky, and when Paducah residents choose our private detectives, they are choosing experience and results.

Do You Need a Private Investigator in Paducah, Kentucky?

Paducah, Kentucky Private InvestigatorThe professional private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated work in Paducah almost every week.  Paducah residents turn to our P.I.s for help with infidelity investigations, child custody investigations, and help with skip tracing.  Paducah’s corporations turn to KTMI’s private investigators when they suspect fraud such as FMLA abuse, work comp fraud, and insurance fraud.  And Paducah’s attorneys use our professional private detectives on criminal defense cases, for witness interviews, and for process serving.

Infidelity Investigations in Paducah

Do you suspect your spouse may be cheating in Paducah?  KTMI’s private investigators can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.  Suspicions alone are enough to introduce problems in a marriage.  Stop wondering and let us help you get the answers you need for peace of mind.  We have been handling infidelity investigations in Paducah since 1996; we are the top infidelity investigators in the area.  Our investigators are licensed, insured, full-time detectives who pledge to handle your case with professionalism, confidentiality, and tenacity.

Child Custody Investigations in Paducah

When Paducah residents need information for a child custody or divorce hearing, they turn to the professional investigators of KTMI, Incorporated.  We have worked with numerous clients, including attorneys, parents, and grandparents, on child custody investigations in McCracken County.  Do you wonder about your ex’s behavior when your child is in his or her custody?  We can provide you with digital video and a report outlining your ex’s activities around your child.  We are licensed, insured, full-time professional investigators who have been conducting child custody investigations since 1996.  You can trust us with your child’s privacy; our services are 100% legal and admissible in child custody court hearings.

Skip Tracing in Paducah, Kentucky

Do you need to find someone in Paducah?  We work with Paducah landlords on skip tracing cases when someone has left town without leaving a forwarding address.  We also work with attorneys to locate witnesses for cases.  Or perhaps you are missing a family member or friend with ties to Paducah or McCracken County.  We subscribe to powerful databases that help us locate missing people.  And it costs less than you might think.  Call today to speak with an investigator.

Corporate Investigations in Paducah

Do you suspect an employee of FMLA abuse, work comp fraud, or insurance fraud?  We have saved our corporate clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent claims payouts.  The investigators of KTMI are the most experienced fraud surveillance experts in Western Kentucky.  We can give you answers to your questions about your employee’s activities outside of work.  Be informed so that you can make informed decisions.

Call today to discuss your case in Paducah with our lead private investigator.  270-559-3868

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