Locate Missing People

Are You Looking for Someone?

KTMI’s private investigators have access to powerful databases to help you find who you are looking for.  We run searches for numerous clients to help them find missing people.  Common reasons clients ask for searches include:

  • Locate witnesses to a crime or accidentKY PI Skip Tracing Graphic
  • Locate targets for process serving
  • Locate out-of-town family members
  • Locate old friends or military buddies
  • Locate out-of-touch classmates
  • Locate ex-spouse for child custody cases
  • Locate renters who have moved owing expenses

Let our private investigators help you find whom you are looking for.  We can quickly reunite you with lost family members, classmates, or old flames.  We use databases that go well beyond traditional internet searches.  And it costs less than you might think. 

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