Professional Interviews


Kentucky Private Detective InterviewThe private investigators of KTMI, Incorporated have developed a reputation for excellence in obtaining witness statements and interviewing insurance claimants.  Our private detectives routinely conduct interviews on behalf of Kentucky and Tennessee’s top law firms and insurance providers.  KTMI’s private investigators have developed a niche for interviewing witness for legal counsel and interviewing employees suspected of fraud in Western Kentucky and Tennessee. 

Insurance Claimant Interviews

From years of experience in the field, we know that a successful interviewer knows the difference between an interrogation and an interview.  For our insurance clients, we understand that in the field, we are a reflection on your company, and we treat your claimants as the customers they are.  On the other hand, we know insurance companies are looking for answers to hard questions, and our investigators are trained to ask those hard questions and find the answers you need.

Witness Interviews

For our legal clients, KTMI’s private investigators can locate witnesses, serve legal documents, and conduct professional witness interviews. KTMI’s lead investigator, Billy Ray Coursey, has worked with top defense attorneys in Western Kentucky and Tennessee.  If you have a case involving multiple witnesses, let us help you maximize your time by conducting interviews for you.

Audio for all interviews is recorded using Olympus digital technology, unless you specify otherwise.  Clients are provided with a full report as well as a digital copy of the interview.

Call today to discuss your case with our lead Kentucky private investigator.  270-559-3868.

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